Chemical Properties
Trimethyl borate is a chemical substance, a colorless liquid. Stable in dry air, hydrolyzed into methanol and boric acid when meeting with water. Miscible with ether, tetrahydrofuran, isopropylamine, hexane, methanol, liquid paraffin and other organic solvents. 70% trimethyl borate and 30% methanol can form an azeotrope. Trimethyl borate is prepared by reacting boric acid and methanol.

Product Usage

  1. Trimethyl borate is used as a derivatization reagent for gas chromatography analysis, a solvent, a flux, and a catalyst for the manufacture of ketones.
  2. Used as a dehydrogenating agent, insecticide, organic synthesis, semiconductor boron diffuser. It is an intermediate of potassium (sodium) borohydride.
  3. Used as a vulcanizing agent, wood preservative, catalyst, gelling agent, heat stabilizer, hydrogen flame extinguishing agent, also used for cotton flame retardant treatment and preparation of active silica, and as a reagent for gas chromatography analysis of carbohydrate derivatives.
  4. Solvent for paraffin, resin and petroleum. Aromatic halide reacts with methyl borate through Grignard reagent and hydrolyzes to generate phenol. Accelerator of diborane reaction. It is used as a doping source for semiconductors and also for the preparation of high-purity boron.

Production Method of Trimethyl Borate
Trimethyl borate can be synthesized by various methods, such as from pyridine-boron trifluoride complex, or from methanol, boron fluoride, methanol, boric acid, methyl orthosilicate, boron halide, etc.