Hexamethyl-DisiloxaneMolecular formula: (CH3)6Si2O

Molecular weight: 162.42
1. Properties:
Colorless transparent liquid,non-poisonous, flammable, boiling point: 100°C,melting point: -68°C, density(25°C):0.75-0.77g/cm3, refractive index (25°C) :1.374-1.376, hexamethyl disiloxane can dissolve in toluene and so on organic solvents.
2. Specification:




Colorless transparent liquid




3. Use:
Hexamethyl Disiloxane is always uses as the end plate agent, cleaning agent, mainly used for organic chemical and pharmaceutical chemical production.

4. Packaging & Storage:
200L iron drum coating the plastic, 150kg/drum.
Prevent the rain drenches and light exposure, transport according to the dangerous goods requirement. The storage time is two years.