China’s sodium methoxide has been produced for decades and is already a mature chemical product. Due to the low content of free alkali in the sodium methoxide product produced by the metal sodium method, it has better catalytic activity, and its market usage is on the rise.

Sodium methoxide is a common organic chemical base used to make molecules ranging from pharmaceuticals to agrochemicals. Sodium ethoxide is especially useful as a condensation agent. Catalyst Sodium methoxide is a common catalyst. Its hygroscopicity is not as strong as sodium ethylate, its properties are more stable, and its quality adjustment is simple during production.

Sodium methoxide in methanol is produced from sodium metal and methanol using batch manufacturing techniques. Solid sodium methoxide degrades into a variety of different sodium salts when exposed to air. In organic synthesis, sodium methoxide can be used as an alkaline condensation agent and catalyst. It is used to make fragrances, dyes, and other chemicals. Vitamins B1, A, and sulfadiazine are all made from it.