When it comes to ethanol, many people immediately think of alcohol. But wine is only one of many ethanol products, and ethanol is widely used in industrial production. What is the use of ethanol in industrial production?

Industrial sodium ethoxide, that is, sodium ethoxide used in industry, is also known as denatured ethanol and industrial fire wine. The purity is usually 95% and 99%. There are two main production methods: synthesis and brewing. The overall cost of synthesis is very low and the ethanol content is high. Brewed industrial alcohol typically has an ethanol content of greater than or equal to 95% and a methanol content of less than 1%.

There are more than 200 kinds of chemical products using industrial ethanol as raw materials,

1. Widely used in basic organic raw materials (such as chlorohydrin, ether, ethyl acetate, etc.), pesticides (such as various organophosphorus pesticides, acaricides, etc.) and rubber, plastics, artificial fibers, detergents and other organic chemical products ;

2. Industrial ethanol is an important organic solvent, widely used in the production of industrial coatings, dyes, oils, etc.;

3. As a fuel, it is an environmentally friendly and clean energy that is vigorously promoted at present.

Sodium ethoxide is also alcohol, but it contains small amounts of methanol, aldehydes, organic acids and other impurities, which greatly increase its toxicity. If you drink industrial ethanol by mistake, it may cause poisoning or even death. Therefore, my country clearly prohibits the use of industrial sodium ethoxide to produce various products.