Diethyl-MalonateMolecular formula: CH2(COOC2H5)2

Molecular weight: 160.17

CAS: 105-53-3
1. Properties:
Colorless liquid with slight aromatic odor; Melting point: -50°C; Boiling point:198 ~ 199°C(95°C/2.67kPa); Density:1.055~1.056; Refractive index: 1.4143; Slightly soluble in water; Soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, chloroform and benzene; The hydrolysis products of diethyl malonate under the acid or alkali condition are malonic acid and ethanol.
2. Specification:




Colorless, clear liquid

Colour Index (Hazen)




Refractive Index


Content Fe


Content Diethyl Malonate (by GC)


Content Ethanol (by GC)


Content acid

as Malonic Acid


as Acetic Acid




Content Benzene





3. Use:
Diethyl malonate is mainly used in the fine organic synthesis and for the preparation of mono-substituted and di-substituted acetic acid. In the pharmaceutical industry, diethyl malonate is used for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals such as chloroquine, butazolidin, barbital and so on. Besides, it also can be used in industries of pesticide, paint, spice and so forth.

4. Packaging & Storage:
200L plastic drum, 200Kg per drum.
Use high density polypropylene barrel for packing. Attention please, the package should be sealed to prevent moisture intrusion.