Sodium methoxide is a kind of alcohol salt produced by methanol. Its chemical formula is CH3ONa, which is a strong base commonly used in organic synthesis. Liquid sodium is colorless or yellow viscous, it is corrosive and flammable. Solid sodium methoxide is a colorless and amorphous powder, which can be decomposed into methanol and sodium hydroxide when water is encountered.
Alkaline method sodium methoxide is composed of solid sodium hydroxide and sodium methanol according to certain proportion, stir to dissolve obtained after precipitate removal of solid impurities, clear liquid pump in treating dehydration reaction, pure methanol steam continuous dehydration reaction, from the bottom to join in tower from the bottom of products. The methanol steam containing water comes out from the top of the tower and enters the distillation system,methoxide with no water return to use.
Sodium method sodium methoxide is made up of metallic sodium and methanol as raw materials, the use of industrial methanol pump to methanol metering tank, 120 kg of sodium metal into the reaction kettle, into the nitrogen to the reaction kettle, add water and methanol to react. Reaction 2~3h to no bubble generation, can be made by adding the mixed storage tank.
Sodium methanol is more than alkali and is more stable, which can improve product quality and utilization.If you have the demand for this product, please contact us – ASCENT PETROCHEM HOLDINGS CO., LIMITED.