Magnesium Tert-Butoxide
Molecular formula:C4H9MgO
Molecular weight: 97.4181
CAS NO: 32149-57-8
White powder
Manufacture of tenofovir (a drug for the treatment of tumors and cancer), pharmaceutical raw materials, pesticide raw materials, and organic synthesis.
Store in ventilated, cool and dry warehouse; Keep away from flame and heat.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Safety information?
A: Magnesium Tert-Butoxide is a flammable and corrosive substance that reacts violently with water and can cause burns. After accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
Q: Emergency measures?
A: Consult a doctor. Show this safety data sheet to the doctor on site.
Inhalation: Remove victim to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Consult a doctor.
Skin Contact: Take off contaminated clothing and shoes immediately. Wash with soap and plenty of water. Consult a doctor.
Eye Contact: Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and consult a doctor.
Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Rinse mouth with water. Consult a doctor.
The substance is extremely destructive to mucous membranes and the upper respiratory tract, eyes and skin.
Q: Spill handling procedures?
A: Sweep and shovel away. Contain spill, collect spill with anti-electric vacuum cleaner or wet brush, place in container, dispose of according to local regulations. Do not rinse with water, place in a suitable closed container for disposal.


NO Item Specification
1 Appearance White powder
2 Assay ≥ 95.0%
3 Free alkali ≤ 1.5%


Packaging sizes 25kg/100kg drum