Potassium Methoxide Liquid
Molecular formula:CH3KO
Molecular weight:70.13
CAS NO:865-33-8
Density :0.95 g/mL at 20 ℃
Water solution: Be decomposed
Sensibility: Humidity sensitive.
Potassium methoxide liquid is one colorless or light yellow ropiness liquid,its content is 31%–33% of methanol solution.
1.Used as condensating agent; As the strong basicity catalyst of producing methyl formate, dimethyl carbonate, dimethyl formamide
2.Used for producing pharmaceutical products and pesticide products,such as sulfadiazine, sulfamerazine, sulfamonomethoxine, Sulfanilamide benzyl ammonium pyrimidine, methoxybenzyl aminopyrimidine trimethoprim,FMOH,VA,VB1 etc.
3.As catalyst of edible fat and cooking oil, tanning agent of leather,also as analytical reagent etc.
Sealed packing and stored in a cool, dry place away from fire,light, oxidizing agents and acids.


NO Item Specification
1 Appearance Colorless or light yellow ropiness liquid
2 Content 31%–33%
3 Free alkali ≤ 0.5%


Packaging sizes 200 kg/drum