Sodium Methylate Liquid
Molecular formula: CH3ONa
Molecular weight: 54.02
CAS: 124-41-4  67-56-1
Colourless to slightly yellowish, viscous liquid, the sodium methoxide that dissolved in methanol.
Mainly used in pharmaceutical industry such as the manufacture of vitamin A1, Vitamin B1, sulfame-thoxypyridazine, sulfadiazine, trimethoprim and so on, as well as in biodesel industry. It also can be used as the edible catalyst and the analytical reagent.
Store in cool and dry warehouse; Keep away from flame and heat; Separate from oxidant and acid during storage and transportation; Handle with care, and maintain the integrity of the packaging.


NO Item Specification
1 Appearance Colourless to slightly yellowish, viscous liquid
2 Content (total alkali) 29.5%~31.0%
3 Sodium Methoxide(NaOCH3) 28.9-31.0%
4 Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH) ≤0.5%
5 Sodium Carbonate(Na2CO3) ≤0.1%
6 Moisture(H2O) ≤0.2%
7 Methanol 69.0-70.7%


Packaging sizes ISO tank: 20-22.5MT/tank; IBC: 950KG/IBC